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Cool Runnings: Notable websites for consciousness science


Posted June 28, 2012 by Dr. Henri Montandon


he 1993 cult-classic of the same name was a film about something unique yet not to be missed – the first-ever Jamaican Olympic bobsled team. In this site we aim to present you with yarns of a different sort – also unique and not to be missed – scientific and mathematical sites which will quicken pulses, expand horizons, and inspire. Each week we will present a different site, with a brief annotation from our editors. This is a labor of love, and we invite you to suggest your favorite sites as well. If your pick is chosen, we will include your choice (identified as contributed by you) as well as an autographed picture from a top scientist in consciousness science.

Consciousness science is highly interdisciplinary, and COOL RUNNINGS will reflect this, featuring sites from all over the pedagogical map.

Contributing Editor — Dr. Henri Montandon

Dr. Henri Montandon



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