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Will what is missing solve consciousness?








In the world of scientific discovery and entrepaneurship, scholars often seem like the homeless of the institutional world. Yet in the midden of overwhelming masses of information, they perform a valuable function which so far no search engine has been able to. Scholars filter recent texts for relevance of various kinds, and it is to scholars that we look for the tips on what is new and need be attended to.

“This now-famous drawing was the very first sketch of a deep-sky object that revealed its spiral structure, and it took a telescope 72-inches (1.8 meters) in diameter to do it!”


ScienceBlogs, in association with National Geographics, does the job of sorting through the gravel to find the magic beans very well indeed. It divides the world of knowledge into the following:

And lest something slip by you while you are napping, there is:

which today has included physicist Ethan Seigel’s thoughtful essay on Dark Matter: But what could that dark matter be? From the cosmic microwave background (CMB) alone, we don’t learn very much about this matter other than it has to drop in density the same way normal matter does as the Universe expands, it cannot collide very much (if at all) with photons or normal matter, but it does clump and cluster together gravitationally.


Image credit: The Aquarius Project / Virgo Consortium; V. Springel et al.


Wouldn’t it be cool if Dark Matter and/or Dark Energy prove to be the very stuff of consciousness? Hurry! Be the first to write a coherent paper discussing this possibility, and you may solve The Mystery of Consciousness.

Otherwise, refresh your mind with web logs which are well written, opinionated, passionate and smart.


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