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Posted October 19, 2010 by Zoran Josipovic PhD

"Plug Your Brain into Consciousness"


ne of the key components in bringing consciousness research into science education is to make a bridge between phenomenology and theory.

Bringing experiential exercises into science classes can enliven the class, provide a personal growing experience for the students, as well as inspire some original thinking.

Many of my students have decided on the topics of their papers and theses – after – being exposed to meditative exercises.

Zoran Josipovic PhD

Dr. Zoran Josipovic is a Research Associate and an Adjunct Professor at Psychology Department and Center for Neural Science, New York University. (PhD, Cognitive Neuroscience and Asian Philosophy, Union Institute and University; MA, Transpersonal Psychology, John F. Kennedy University; BA, Asian Religions and Psychology, SUNY-Empire State College.) His main interests are the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain, global versus local theories of consciousness, and the functioning of anti-correlated neural networks.


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