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Liberation Biology


Posted January 20, 2010 by Dr. Kevin Krycka, PsyD

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"Your Brain in the Palm of Your Hands"

Learning how to think is a liberating experience.

My students in a course I call ‘Theory Building’ have routinely expressed that until this course they never knew they had an actual idea of their own. They just assumed everything they thought came from someone/someplace else!

Imagine raising scientists (and others) to actually know they can think originally beyond the boundaries of what is known!

Dr. Kevin Krycka, PsyD

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist Kevin C. Krycka, Psy. D. is currently director of the Master of Arts in Existential-Phenomenological Psychology program at Seattle University and registered counselor in the state of Washington. Dr. Krycka's recent publications include, Multiplicity: A 1st person exploration of dissociative experiencing (2009); Levinas & Gendlin: Joint contributions for a 1st person approach to understanding difficult situations in the mid-East (2009) & The nature of our exceeding (2008).


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