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Secret Fun

If grownups read bedtime stories out loud to one another, they could not be better entertained and better informed than by perusing Russ Walter’s Just what kinds of secret fun are on order here? Is it esoteric pornography involving extra-terrestrials?  Opinions from scriveners of the post-human? The best back road sushi-barbecue fusion?

None of the above.

From the site:

This is the official Website about the Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living and Secret Tutoring. Those services and this Website were created by Russ Walter and his staff. Fans have invented hundreds of other Websites about us, but just this Website is up to date!

You can reach this Website by typing “” (or “”, “”, “”, or “”).

Just this Website gives complete help about computers, life, and tutoring. It gets you:

free help about computers, academic subjects, and life, by phone, immediately

free chapters from the Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living

discounts on buying complete printed books

lowest rates on top-quality in-person tutoring

best free Websites from other Webmasters

best free videos from YouTube & beyond

Then, if you yearn for a big book and small print, the riffling of lots and lots of pages through your fingertips, there’s the SECRET GUIDE TO COMPUTERS & TRICKY LIVING, the book.

The “Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living” is the world’s only complete tutorial about computers & life: it explains how to buy, use, fix, reprogram, and manage computers and deal with the rest of life.

We’ve improved the book for many years. Now we’ve finished the 31st edition.

Earlier editions were praised and used by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, PC World, and hundreds of other publications, for being the best computer & lifestyle books ever written. Over a million copies have been sold.

This 31st edition is even better. Its 703 huge pages include more than 40,000 improvements over the previous edition. It includes these 52 chapters, grouped into 10 sections….

And there are jokes, lots of them. Here’s my current favorite: Gandhi walked barefoot so his feet had lots of callouses. His diet was poor and so he was fragile and had bad breath. What does this make him? A super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.

On the information superhighway, the site is the Tower of Terror combined with the Library of Congress, just the ticket for relaxing after reading your favorite neuroscience articles.






Dr. Henri Montandon