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Mind vs. Machine

By Brian Christian of Atlantic Magazine: In the race to build computers that can think like humans, the proving ground is the Turing Test—an annual battle between the world’s most advanced artificial-intelligence programs ...

Using light to probe the brain’s self-repair after a stroke

Anne McIlroy of The Globe and Mail has written a nice article on how researchers are using optogenetics to study how the brain repairs itself after a stroke. Click here to read the article. Click here for videos on optogenetics.

Trends in Cognitive Sciences: Table of Contents April 2011

The April issue of Trends in Cognitive Sciences is available online. Volume 15, Issue 4, pp. 141-184 Update – Forum: Science & Society Opinion Review ___________________________________________________________________...

Being rejected a real pain, brain images show

From CBC News: The pain of rejection is more than just a figure of speech: regions of the brain that respond to physical pain overlap with those that react to social rejection, a brain imaging study shows. The study used brain...

Experimental Philosophy and the Problem of Free Will

S. Nichols Article in Science Abstract Many philosophical problems are rooted in everyday thought, and experimental philosophy uses social scientific techniques to study the psychological underpinnings of such problems. In the ...

“I Am My Connectome”: TED Talk given by Sebastian Seung

In this TED talk Sebastian Seung, Professor of Computational Neuroscience in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Department of Physics at MIT, discusses the “connectome” – the connections formed between...