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Trends in Cognitive Sciences: Table of Contents May 2011

The May issue of Trends in Cognitive Sciences is available online. Volume 15, Issue 5, pp. 185-240 Letters Letters Response Opinion Review Feature Review ____________________________________________________________

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting: 2011

41st Annual Meeting Nov. 12-16, 2011, in Washington, DC. Click here for the conference website ____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Society for Neuroscience annual mee...

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2011: Final Announcement

Toward a Science of Consciousness Brain, Mind and Reality Stockholm, Sweden, May 3-7, 2011 Sponsored by the Center for Consciousness Studies The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona and Perfjell Foundation www.consciousness.a...

Addiction and Brain Circuits

From Brain Briefings: Humans have always struggled with addictions to mind-altering substances. Yet, only in the past few decades have neuroscientists begun to understand precisely how these substances affect the brain — and ...

Scientists find way to map brain’s complexity

From Reuters: Scientists say they have moved a step closer to developing a computer model of the brain after finding a way to map both the connections and functions of nerve cells in the brain together for the first time. In a ...

Language and the Brain: What Makes Us Human

From Brain Briefings: No other species on the planet uses language or writing — a mystery that remains unsolved even after thousands of years of research. Now neuroscientists are taking advantage of powerful new ways to peer ...