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Quora, when you just have to have intelligent responses





You are obsessed with a question. Your sleep is interrupted. When you are sleeping, you dream about the question. You have discussed it with all the usual suspects: your mom, your Zen master, your bar tender.

But wouldn’t it be really great if you could crowdsource your question to other thoughtful people?

Now you can.

Here’s a sampler of questions being considered RIGHT NOW on this marvelous site:

Why is pseudoscience so popular?

Is “attention”(in the sense of what we are able to pay attention to) being used to understand the nature of consciousness?

Consciousness (at least human consciousness) is proved to be a non-local reality. Why do most neuroscientists refuse to face this certain fact and dig deeper into this ? Quantum correlations are also non-local ? Non-locality is real.

Can someone explain what I believe to be the silly crossover of “consciousness” into quantum physics or mechanics?   It seems like a lot of woo to me.

How can I train my brain to make my consciousness more aware of relevant information with respect to what is currently occurring?

Will neuroscience ever be able to define consciousness?

Is consciousness an emergent property of the brain or a fundamental property of matter?

What are some things that neuroscientists know but most people don’t?

  is your chance to join in.





Thanks to Loren Carpenter at Pixar who first told me about Quora.



Dr. Henri Montandon