Understanding Mind and Brain

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Student & General Audience Outreach

Our vision is to encourage thoughtful dialogue, foster an interactive, global science collaborative and develop effective applications to harness  – and deliver – the powerful resources of the Internet and the human mind. Our evolving membership includes innovators in cognitive neuroscience, physics, computer science, quantum mechanics, neurobiology, psychology, education, technology and media, mathematics, the arts and humanities, and other disciplines. We plan to collaborate with existing organizations and institutes in the field.We aim to develop teaching materials that are accurate, relevant to students’ lives, and entertaining.

We explore questions of the most direct human relevance. Encourage life long learning – anytime, anywhere – through diverse programs that promote intelligence, curiosity, education, collaboration, and the richness of human experiences. Our board and committee members are some of this field’s established innovators, informing our curriculum, programs, research and outreach. We support the flow and quality of communication among academic disciplines, the creative community and to the general public.

Ask good questions. Activate mastery.

MBSci aims to provide —

  • Helpful web resources and mastery courses.
  • Advance empirically based consciousness (EBC) studies.
  • Inspire and support EBC studies in universities, high schools and middle schools.
  • Cultivate a vibrant international student community.
  • Translate excellent brain science for life long learners and our general public.
  • Demonstrate the resonance of consciousness science to our every day lives.
Consciousness is humanizing!

Our programs aim to increase understanding of the important relationship between the human mind and brain function, motivate further learning and mastery, and evaluate outcomes and personal progress. The Society for Mind Brain Sciences members are passionate about unifying the scientific study of consciousness to amplify its outreach and efficacy. Together, we can generate worldwide web & multimedia outreach integrating excellent brain science and human experience.

Be cool. Be conscious. Please join us and support exploration of the most direct human relevance!