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Integrate the Arts – Sci2art

The Arts, Humanities & the Scientific Study of Consciousness

The arts provide a gateway to assimilate new or hard to understand information about mind and brain processes. Your experience is a valuable tool for learning which mechanisms and/or processes in your brain generate perspectives and feelings.

It is within one’s own experience that the first glimmers of understanding can begin.

Consciousness is the Bridge.

Every human being knows that consciousness appears each morning as we wake up, only to be lost when we fall asleep at night. Consciousness has been explored in every recorded human tradition, going back to the beginnings of written thought.

Nothing is as powerful as our own experience. An early goal of mbSci will be to support artists, humanists and scientists to engage in productive interaction and dialogue.

Explore the Arts & Mind Brain Science

Music, dance, poetry, story telling, myth and ritual all involve deep and sophisticated insights into our own experiences. The sciences are relative newcomers to consciousness, but with the rise of brain imaging, many scholars and scientists believe that a better appreciation of the brain basis of the “consciousness arts” is becoming possible.

Here are a few of Sci2Art’s Goals:

  1. Sci2Art Gallery — An evolving online gallery and multimedia presentations will serve as an introduction to the more empirical scientific concepts, especially to the student or layman, providing – a portal – to the vital resonance of mind brain sciences.
    • Our first installation will include a selection of art representing several mediums in a clickable, interactive slideshow, from diverse cultures and countries. Accompanying scientific analysis will help to cultivate important critical and creative thinking skills, along with exploring mind brain sciences as they pertain to experiences in general.
      • An international call for submissions will follow our first installation launch.
      • Sci2Art has partnered with the Filmmakers Alliance to co-sponsor an international film competition, based on themes and concepts related to consciousness sciences. Details to be announced soon.
  2. Sci2Art will display art under the following guidelines: §
    • We will incorporate scientific review and evaluation opportunities both for viewers to participate and for our valuable research.
    • A Call for Submissions will be generated, along with specified criteria and review standards set by the Sci2Art Alliance.ß

Sci2Art is part of the Experiential Outreach Programs of the Society for Mind Brain Sciences. This program will be guided by the Sci2Art Alliance.


§ The term ‘art’ refers to dance, music, film, and visual, interactive or performance art, etc. Guidelines, criteria, collaboration or links to other organizations are set by the Sci2Art Alliance
ß In collaboration with NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics, Centers for Research on Creativity; Cardiff School of Art & Design, NYU Center for Neural Science, the FilmMakers Alliance, Creativity Post, the Dept. of Culture, Suzano, Brazil; and others to be announced.