Posted May 4, 2013 by Dr. Henri Montandon in abnormal psych

HUMOR – Everything you didn’t know about the brain – HUMOR


Dr. John Cleese is a world-famous British neuroscientist whose work with Claude Bernard and Ivan Pavlov first brought him to the attention of scientists on the world stage. (This is completely false.) During the 20th century, his prolific publications with most well-known neuroscientists gave rise to the so-called Cleese number. Following the standard format, an author who has published a paper with Cleese receives a Cleese number of one. An author who publishes a paper with an author who has  published with Cleese receives a Cleese number of two and so on. Unlike many scientific fields, scientists who study consciousness all have Cleese numbers of one, indicating John Cleese’s interest in and contribution to the nascent specialty. (All of the above is completely false.)

The web site featured in this post is a video of Dr. Cleese’s famous First Lecture on the Unknown Brain. In this world-famous explication, he reveals everything that is false about modern neuroscience in a highly condensed but refreshingly jargon free style. (Not true, O so not true.)

Anyone interested in modern brain science will find something of interest here: For older neuroscientists, the lecture will hit a nostalgic note from a scientist whose career has spanned over 100 years. (Obviously false).



Dr. Henri Montandon