Understanding Mind and Brain

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Audience Outreach Strategies

Advancing Knowledge of the Human Brain

The Society for Mind Brain Sciences (mbSci) aims to promote an active dialogue among the arts, sciences and general public. Our core values include scientific integrity, open-minded exploration, and a sense that we are co-creating an historic moment of opportunity today.

Our programs will create an experiential bridge and inquiry into mind brain sciences and their relevance via interactive web portals for education about the arts, science and the conscious brain. We believe mbSci can effectively capitalize on current media usage patterns and contribute to existing efforts transforming media as a constructive instrument for fundamental growth and change.

Audience—Why the Emphasis on Media?

In today’s world, nearly everyone is a consumer of media:

  • American teenagers spend nearly 11 hours on media consumption daily.
  • Annually, Americans watch 250 billion hours of television.
  • An estimated 1 billion people use the Internet daily, a reach that hasn’t existed before in media.

Modern media profoundly shapes the conscious experiences, thinking and beliefs of billions of people. People learn more from media and technology than any other single source of information, which shapes our brains, our lives and emotions.

The goal is to complete the circle, using media to foster engagement with others, in lieu of isolation; and as a tool to reflect on the nature of conscious experience, rather than to drown it out. Through our experiential programs, mbSci aims to capitalize on our unprecedented media consumption while at the same time reframing the way we relate to media, the arts, education, science and our individual experiences.