Understanding Mind and Brain

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Action Plans

During our initial 3-year developmental phase, our goals are to:

1.    Establish a high-level collaborative network for scientists, scholars & media professionals

2.    Explore possible income sources, including membership fees and commercial products that build on the credibility of the scientific network

3.    Synthesize existing quality programs, institutes, researchers & resources

4.    Design/Test/Launch interactive & multimedia outreach platforms

5.    Pioneer curricula, content & programs based on mind brain sciences

How the Action Plans will Aid the Mission

Collectively, we can work toward rediscovering the conscious self as something to culture and enrich in the process of education.
mbSci is sensitive to the need to demonstrate how consciousness science is relevant to our daily concerns. The mind-brain sciences are developing new approaches for improving critical thinking skills and creativity, gaining vital study and career skills, raising emotional intelligence and understanding our everyday experiences.

These initial efforts serve as examples for our fundraising, alliance building and organizational development.

Organizational Strategies

mbSci Organizational Culture

1.    We conduct ourselves at all times as a high credibility scientific and scholarly organization
2.    We expect all of our participants to maintain these standards
3.    We intend to create a standards guide (PDF) for staff and volunteer messengers to use to make decisions on messaging and “look and feel” of communications.


Serving the Integration of the Field

•    Establish alliances with organizations to cross-promote advocacy campaigns. The European Brain Council, CRoC, NAMI and CCS plan to formalize a strategic alliance with mbSci to collaborate and network our resources.

•    Assess and Improve our visibility and outreach to the public, news media, and other organizations in the field.

•    Recruit prominent scholars, scientists, authors, educators and researchers to form specialized working committees, and to help build productive, collaborative core environments.


Staffing and Mentoring: Virtual Internships

mbSci is now enlisting a first group of Virtual Interns — Graduate-level volunteers to help implement core projects. VI’s are people of any age and background discipline. VI’s will work under the direct supervision of mbSci staff and Board members.
We will adhere to normal academic and professional standards in reviewing VI applications. Virtual Interns will work with our staff, Board and Committee members to help implement mbSci projects, to learn new, high-level skills and insights, and possibly receive mbSci member privileges free of charge for the duration of the internship.