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About Us

The Society for Mind Brain Sciences is a scientific and scholarly organization focused on advancing knowledge, education and public understanding of consciousness in the brain."mbSci Logo for the Society for Mind Brain Sciences"


etter communication in science and education can have vast ripple effects for advancing creativity, innovation, entrepreneurialism and humanity. By integrating excellent brain science with human experience and harnessing the powerful influence of digital and broadcast media to create dynamic teaching and learning environments, we believe mbSci can contribute to the potential for improvement in the human condition.


  1. Is science on the verge of revolution in its understanding of consciousness in the brain?
  2. How will this new understanding impact the arts, humanities, technology, ethics and our human values?
  3. How can we use this information to expand our potential?
  4. How much brain do we need for consciousness?

The study of consciousness is emerging from a century of scientific taboo. Even today, academics debate whether it is a legitimate topic for study. We suggest it is the key to respect for sentient beings and our shared humanity.

Centuries of wisdom traditions place human consciousness at the center of life. Scientific literature now shows thousands of new findings. New journals, organizations and annual conferences have formed. Major medical discoveries are emerging today. Neuroscience, psychology, and education are embracing the study of human consciousness again. But the new mind-brain sciences still lack an institutional base. There is virtually no college curriculum, and the field lacks public visibility. Many scientists, teachers and students still work in isolation. Funding and support is fragmented.

The Society aims to bridge these gaps in the way of progress, via publications, events, multimedia programs, interactive websites, and other state-of-the-art tools, including a global science network. Our core values are scientific integrity, open-minded exploration and effective communication.

mbSci intends to have direct, purposeful impact.

Our Core Goals

1) Support Scientific Integration & Outreach

To enhance communication and collaboration among scientists and scholars, and to support their outreach to the applied professions and public media. We encourage leading-edge research and education, and open-minded exploration of controversial questions in clear and testable ways.

2) Promote Compelling Education & Curriculum

Education should never be boring. Our Mind-Brain Education (MBE) workshops aim to make self- discovery, authentic communication and intrinsic curiosity a central part of the learning process. Consciousness in ourselves and others is a wellspring of humane learning. Cultivating programs using natural and emotionally stimulating methods is key to explore questions of direct human relevance.

3) Engage ‘No Brain Left Behind’ Outreach Strategies to Translate Science

Everyone has a brain, and scientific discoveries about the mindbrain have far outstripped current applications to education and well-being. The potential for improvement in the human condition is therefore unprecedented in history. One role for mbSci is to pinpoint scientific discoveries that can make significant differences in human welfare in the near term while developing specific outreach strategies with high level marketing and education specialists. Naturally and emotionally stimulating learning opportunities via fashion, music & spoken word, art, dance, technology, food & wine, literature, high finance, video, film, sports. We’ll target your passion!

4) Advance Conscious Mind-Brain and Media Users

The power and sophistication of mass media have grown explosively, far beyond our ability to even understand the effects on millions of children growing up today. This exponential growth has transformed our lives into a global experiment, with consequences that we cannot predict. mbSci will explore the power of individuals to become conscious users of their neurological systems and evolve the potent influence of media to educate.

mbSci’s Values

mbSci values integrity and testability in the scientific study of consciousness and the brain.

Scientific credibility is our gold standard.

We believe that truthfulness and accuracy are essential for establishing more effective, more accessible outreach. Consciousness is humanizing, and we aim to develop teaching materials that are accurate, relevant to students’ lives, and entertaining. mbSci does not take any positions of its own. Rather, we support the flow and quality of communication among academic disciplines, the creative community and to the general public.