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About SCR

Science & Consciousness Review is a community-building effort. Many scientific communities study how the human brain makes possible perception, memory, and even attention. But for historical reasons, we have no scientific community for exploring consciousness — including our own experiences of the world, of each other and of ourselves. It is probably the most important neglected topic in science. Students and scientists all over the world are vitally interested. Hardly a week goes by without another major article in headline journals like Science and Nature. The flow of evidence has increased enormously. But so far we have few institutional resources for teaching, learning, and sharing this information. In the last decade we have seen new, high quality journals, professional societies, and regular meetings. They are vitally important. (See links to journals). But many people feel that we need an international forum to build a sense of shared community. SCR is an effort in that direction.

We need your participation. A community needs active members. We are committed to creating opportunities for your active participation. Tell us who you are, what you are interested in, and how you would like to participate. (mail to us here).

For active scientists

Send us your published articles, with brief, readable summaries directed at a general audience. We will publish your summaries (after necessary editing), copyright to you, with web links to your laboratory and web resources. We also welcome web-based demonstrations of important effects that tell us about human (and animal) consciousness.

For students and teachers

We need your help in summarizing significant published articles in brief, READABLE form. All articles summarized must be from peer-reviewed scientific journals, based on clear evidence. Teachers know how important it is to be able to write brief, readable summaries of existing articles.

For interested lay persons

We invite you to enjoy the site and participate wherever possible.

Editorial Board

We invite anyone who has published at least one relevant article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, to join our Editorial Board. Please send your information to the Managing Editor. Members are asked to contribute two brief, readable summaries of published research each year, to be published under your name. Editorial Board members are also invited to send us Guest Editorials to advance significant scientific issues.

Associate Editorial Board

We invite advanced students to join our Associate Editorial Board by submitting two or more brief, readable summaries of published research each year, to be published under your name. Editing will be kept to a necessary minimum. As soon as students publish a regular article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal on a related topic, they are eligible to join the full Editorial Board.

Send us your demonstrations, interactive experiments, and links! We want to make SCR a rich archive of evidence, so that any visitor can join in the fun. Not everybody can create a breakthrough experiment – but every conscious person can participate.

Welcome! Please let us know you are interested.

Bernard Baars